Le Petit Triangle Review

I love eating out and that has one of the saddest parts of COVID; all of the restaurants that are having to close and not being able to try out new cuisine. Now with some protocols in place I have been able to go back to one of my favorite restaurants in Ohio City, Le Petit Triangle.

This french cafe, is situated in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. I had been there one other time and absolutely adored it. It is a great place to stop and meet a friend, grab some coffee (or hot chocolate), or sit and enjoy a delicious meal. Their menu offers some great french classics like chocolate croissants, crepes, and escargot. The escargot is on the ‘HAVE to get list’. It is perfectly buttery with the right amount of garlic, paired with a crunchy baguette, 6 just does not seem enough.

Le Petit also offers brunch, lunch, and dinner menu’s. While eating with a friend, we split the sandwiches that were offered. I had the Bacalao “Benedict” which features the salt cod potato cakes, their house-made biscuits, fried eggs, and roasted potatoes. The salt cod potato cakes were a bit too salty for me, but that’s what trying new food is all about! We also had the Biscuit & Andouille Gravy which also featured the house-made biscuits and the most delicious gravy on top. If you do not like french food, please go solely for the biscuits and potatoes.

Give this perfect cafe a try and trust me you’ll be going back for more croissants. Due to COVID, Le Petit also offers take out, so if you are currently in the Cleveland area and unable to go in person, try them out from the comfort of your home!

Always Hungry,


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