Akron Eats: Alexander Pierce

I haven’t done a restaurant review in a while, which makes me sad because trying out new places is one of my favorite hobbies, if you could call it that. I had seen Alexander Pierce on Yelp for quite some time, but it looked like a fancy place and I felt that I needed a special occasion to go. I decided that my birthday at the beginning of April was the perfect time to go. I made reservations weeks in advance, I would recommend this big time!

When I tell you this place is nice, whoooa it’s nice! Private lounge, live singer, you can even get a membership there. The restaurant entrance is located at the back of the building. When you pull up you don’t even realize it’s a restaurant. Then you see the big iron gate with ‘Alexander’ written on it and the beautiful entrance. We were seated quickly and the server was incredibly nice.

When you come to a restaurant like this you have to go all out and that’s what we did.

The pretzel-crusted fried pepper jack was a special at the time, but if it is on the menu when you go ORDER IT. It’s salty, it’s spicy, and it’s the ultimate savory bite. Do not get me started on this meatball. It’s stuffed with gooey cheese, served with a delicious sauce and toasted bread. It could be a meal itself. I recall saying about 10 times ‘this is the best meatball I’ve ever eaten’. And that’s not hyperbole, I truly believe that it was. Onto the main entree, the ribeye. OH MY GOD. I am a med-rare girl, but at some places you go, that means medium or well. That’s not what I want, no no. Alexander Pierce did this ribeye so right, I can’t even do it justice. I added the peppercorn demi-glace, it did not even need that. The steak was so perfectly done that its juices were the only sauce I needed, that’s how you know a steak is done right.

If you are looking for a fancy night out, friends get together, date night, or whatever it is, please check this place out. I think it should be a staple in Akron dining. You could pick this restaurant up and put it in any big city and it would stand out, but I am happy that it is standing out here in Akron, OH.

Eaten with Love,



Something really amazing happened last week & I thought this was the perfect place to share! BIBIBOP reached out to me regarding the new location that was opening up in Fairview Park, OH. They asked me to come see their brand-new store opening and try out their food, how could I say no?!

I was so happy to attend and all of the staff at the new location was so warm and inviting. They were eager to tell you all about BIBIBOP’s story and their ingredients. BIBIBOP was founded in Columbus, OH in 2013 focusing on South Korean cuisine and making it balanced and healthy. The four main components to wellbeing that the company focuses on is physical, mental, social and spiritual. BIBIBOP is all about wellbeing, they want to promote healthy food and not mess around with the ingredients too much. This really showcases the food’s original flavor, like their fresh pineapple salsa or kale salad (which are all made in house BTW).

I made the most delicious bowl that included their purple rice, steak, kale salad, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, and bean sprouts! The ingredients are always so fresh and if you don’t eat it all in one sitting it makes a perfect next day lunch! So if you have a BIBIBOP around you and are looking for a new place to try, this is a must eat!

Always Hungry,


Le Petit Triangle Review

I love eating out and that has one of the saddest parts of COVID; all of the restaurants that are having to close and not being able to try out new cuisine. Now with some protocols in place I have been able to go back to one of my favorite restaurants in Ohio City, Le Petit Triangle.

This french cafe, is situated in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. I had been there one other time and absolutely adored it. It is a great place to stop and meet a friend, grab some coffee (or hot chocolate), or sit and enjoy a delicious meal. Their menu offers some great french classics like chocolate croissants, crepes, and escargot. The escargot is on the ‘HAVE to get list’. It is perfectly buttery with the right amount of garlic, paired with a crunchy baguette, 6 just does not seem enough.

Le Petit also offers brunch, lunch, and dinner menu’s. While eating with a friend, we split the sandwiches that were offered. I had the Bacalao “Benedict” which features the salt cod potato cakes, their house-made biscuits, fried eggs, and roasted potatoes. The salt cod potato cakes were a bit too salty for me, but that’s what trying new food is all about! We also had the Biscuit & Andouille Gravy which also featured the house-made biscuits and the most delicious gravy on top. If you do not like french food, please go solely for the biscuits and potatoes.

Give this perfect cafe a try and trust me you’ll be going back for more croissants. Due to COVID, Le Petit also offers take out, so if you are currently in the Cleveland area and unable to go in person, try them out from the comfort of your home!

Always Hungry,


Michaelangelo’s Winery

This year has been different, we spend more time part, socially distanced. We try to do some of the same things still, eating out at restaurants but it is a little different. A few friends and I decided it was time to have a socially distanced lunch outside at Michaelangelo’s Winery in Richfield, Ohio.

OMG the food is outstanding, you feel like all of a sudden that you have been whisked away to Italy instead of being stuck in Ohio. The food is served family style so please bring a lot of people!

Here is what our table ordered and I would recommend it to everyone! Though we did not try the pizza’s I have heard amazing things about them.

  • The Arancini– OMG I mean fried rice balls with cheese, it’s not hard to mess up. I would highly recommend these! It is a crowd pleaser that everyone would love.
  • Calamari – This fried calamari comes with a lovely sauce that is drizzled across. Top it off with a fresh lemon squeeze, it’s *Chef kiss* perfecto
  • The Charcuterie Plate – Cheese, crackers, and a bit of dried meat. That’s really all I need to be happy so that’s all you should need too!
  • Short Rib Pappardelle – This pasta is amazing, the thick noodles are to die for, and they are house made! The pasta is topped with fresh peas that add this perfect snap in every bite. Along with bacon, parmesan, and of course melt in your mouth short ribs.

We tried a variety of wine as well that were all delicious. The wines seem to change based on the Season which I love, that way you are getting the best ingredients and flavors.

If you get the chance and want to spend a Saturday or Sunday enjoying great flavors and atmosphere, I would recommend stopping by Michaelangelo’s. They also have an amazing bakery section that I did not get to check out and am still regretting it.

Always Hungry,