Something really amazing happened last week & I thought this was the perfect place to share! BIBIBOP reached out to me regarding the new location that was opening up in Fairview Park, OH. They asked me to come see their brand-new store opening and try out their food, how could I say no?!

I was so happy to attend and all of the staff at the new location was so warm and inviting. They were eager to tell you all about BIBIBOP’s story and their ingredients. BIBIBOP was founded in Columbus, OH in 2013 focusing on South Korean cuisine and making it balanced and healthy. The four main components to wellbeing that the company focuses on is physical, mental, social and spiritual. BIBIBOP is all about wellbeing, they want to promote healthy food and not mess around with the ingredients too much. This really showcases the food’s original flavor, like their fresh pineapple salsa or kale salad (which are all made in house BTW).

I made the most delicious bowl that included their purple rice, steak, kale salad, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, and bean sprouts! The ingredients are always so fresh and if you don’t eat it all in one sitting it makes a perfect next day lunch! So if you have a BIBIBOP around you and are looking for a new place to try, this is a must eat!

Always Hungry,


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