Dill Pretzel Snack

My mom makes these pretzels once a year at Christmas. They are one of the greatest snacks I have ever eaten, EVER. On Christmas, our dinner consists of these pretzels and puppy chow. Bring out your roasting pan and be prepared to eat a whole bowl of these on your own.


  • 28-32oz of Mini Pretzels
  • 1 Cup Vegetable or Canola Oil
  • 1/2 TSP Dill Weed
  • 1/2 TSP Lemon Pepper
  • 1/2 TSP Garlic Powder
  • 1 Package Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Powder

Let’s Get Cooking

Heat oven to 200F

Pour the pretzels into a large roasting pan.

In a shaker container combine the oil + dill + lemon pepper + garlic powder + ranch powder and shake well.

Pour the dressing over the pretzels and toss to coat.

Bake for 30 minutes, stirring after 15 minutes. Let cool after baking and store in an airtight container.

Made with Love,