Best Pizza in Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, OH

My best friend, Kate, and I have been working to find the best pizza in the Cuyahoga Falls/Akron area. Listed down below are a few of the favorites that we have found in the process of our hunt. Let me know what our next stop should be!

Luigi’s, Akron, OH

First up on the CFalls/Akron pizza reviews was Luigi’s which I’ve heard so much about. I heard a lot about the side salad that comes with a mountain of cheese on top, but that’s not what we got today. I ordered through the phone and it took 30 minutes to pick up and it was hot and ready to go. Luigi’s is CASH ONLY so come prepared. I do believe they have an ATM inside just in case. Pick up was easy and the staff was incredibly nice. The sauce was great, however, for me, it could have been a little bit tangier. I love the crust, it’s more of a pan crust so it’s crunchy and flavorful. The cheese was warm and the pepperoni was distributed well across all the slices. This pizza is top 3 of my favorites in the Akron/CFalls area. The restaurant was decorated so cute and I can’t wait to visit and have dinner there one evening.


Ordered by phone during the height of COVID. The pickup was easy, walked right up to the window and the pizza was hot and ready to go. This was one of the most visually satisfying pizzas I’ve had in my series of pizza reviews. The sauce was delicious and I am not a person who enjoys red sauce at all. It was not too sweet which I like, it was a bit tangier. The cheese was warm and melty, not tough and cold like take away can be sometimes. I mean seriously, just look at this cheese. You can’t even imagine the cheese pull. Overall this has to be one of my top 3 pizzas in the Akron/Cuyahoga Falls area.

Euro Gyro, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Located in the smallest plaza next to Chelsea’s on the River, this may just be one of the best places to get pizza in the falls.  The crust isn’t thin or thick, making it just enough to hold all the cheese and toppings. The sauce isn’t overly tomato-ey, which for me is perfect. It’s seasoned well, not too salty or sweet. The cheese is always melty and a little bit greasy, which is exactly what you need in a pizza. My friend and I have been getting the pizza on Wednesday, which is $5.99 for a one-topping pizza, pick up only. If you’re looking for a pizza in the falls, don’t pass up Euro Gyro.


Stopped by this take-out-only pizza spot for our next pizza review. To start off the customer service was great and quick in and out after we called ahead. The pizza looked great in the box and all the toppings were dispersed well. We enjoyed how the toppings were under the cheese, they did not fall off when you bit into it. The pepperoni was slightly spicy which was great to balance out the sweeter sauce. There was not really a cheese pull or much flavor to the cheese. Not much flavor to the crust either, it was chewier rather than crunchy, so mostly depends on your preference. The pricing was reasonable and we will definitely be getting it again!

Luca’s, Stow, OH

In the continued hunt for the best pizza shop in Cuyahoga Falls, we tried out Luca’s! I ordered delivery on the phone and staff was so nice and polite. It was quite a long wait to get the food, but it was dinner time on a Friday night, so we have to be understanding! Luca’s is a thin crust pizza, the dough itself does not have that much flavor, and it was a little chewy. My roommate loved it because she prefers a thin crust, myself, I like a little crunch. The sauce was perfect, not too much and it had an excellent flavor! The topping ratio was just right, there was the perfect amount of pepperonis on each piece! I loved how big the slices were cut, you only need about 2 slices and you are good too!

Ordered and Eaten with Love,


5 thoughts on “Best Pizza in Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, OH

  1. Ahhh we live near in the Akron area, so I am STOKED to see this post. I have so many new places to try. Have you had Antonio’s in Copley? They have some amazing pizza too! We love it with their hot honey. Sounds kinda weird, but it’s really tasty! Thanks for posting, Hannah!

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